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Martin Lemoine is a French composer, composer/performer, songwriter, with a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts in Cinema.


Martin made his music debut in 2017 with the release of a 7-track EP entitled "What If?", under the pseudonym of Martin Leyne. Deeply rooted in folk, this work is presented as  "the logbook of an improvised and optimistic journey." by his former label The Queen Is Dead Records.  

In 2019, he dropped his first name to become LEYNE, and released a single entitled "Reflection of Myself" accompanied by an experimental clip that he produced himself.

During his studies, Martin began his first instrumental compositions inside the theatre company he joined. A few months later, he was called upon to compose the music for a friend's short film. The exercise pleased him and he then began to practice orchestral music. Guitar and piano player, it is in a self-taught way that he learned to play these instruments, and did the same for the creation of orchestral music, entirely recreated in a virtual way.

For his first composition for a Flemish short film, "Onvoltooid Verleden Tijd", Martin won two prizes at festivals for "Best Composer" and "Best Soundtrack".


Since the beginning of 2022, Martin lives in Antwerp, Belgium, and composes for various projects such as short movies, project calls for brands and content creators, scoring competitions, and will soon begin his first medium-length film. More recently, he has been nominated for "Best Score" at the European Talent Competition at Soundtrack Cologne.

Accustomed to working outside of his comfort zone, Martin is motivated by the desire to compose for new things and various styles. Everything is possible for him, and if you have a project in mind, he will ensure to create the best music, the one it deserves! 

The Story Is King - Flemming Nordkrog

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